Integrative Nourishing Now

harmony with existence

Create an easeful life through taking time to re-connect, Life by Design

Develop an awareness of mind-body connection & transform your path. Create clarity & gain tools for inner cleaning. Activate your pineal gland, align your chakra system & expand your mindfulness.

1 1/2 hr Clearing the Spring – $111

Explore your goals for personal transformation. Resilience & Renewal, support this beautiful Unity Breath Meditation. Learn to deepen your intentional thinking & allow life to become the Celebration. Breath by Breath.

3 hr Make a Wish – $222

Through inner stillness, explore & become an open conduit of love & compassion through a varity of customized modalities. Reclaim your unique style of life’s expression as we, "Walk Each Other home".

4 hr Rise Up Shining – $333

Reiki Attunement I & ll

Reconnect with your natural Spirit flow, begin a personal journey, learning how to become a clear conduit for Life Force Energy: Reiki. A Oneness Way.


Reiki Attunement II

Reiki Mastery III, continues an experiential approach into Self Awareness, deepening an understanding of this Ancient practice, while facilitating natural wellness levels for yourself and your clients.



Online, email or phone sessions available.