Integrative Nourishing Now


Integrative Nourishing Now is about cultivating inner & outer well-being, a unique networking approach, with the aim of living "whole" ; physically, emotionally, mentally & Spiritually. As a Wellness Facilitator, my desire is to empower individuals, toward renewed plans of action & sustaining vital energy.

Given life events & time, a myriad of issues can create a layering of unhealthy cause & affect discomforts. Refining root cause & blending our visions in promoting excellence, creates optimal support. "An integrative viewpoint looks at how things connect to one another..." (Biofield Tuning). And, the good news is that INN provides a New Direction of Balance through an array of therapy options. This interweaving may seem simple, yet offers profound, multi-level wholeness.

Sessions incorporate both in office and distant appointments. Either approach can be a wonderful tool in helping to build resilience, while releasing extra, deepening connections & clarity.

My mission is to empower life, to see, feel, breathe & know tangible shift alignments, that awaken ones' remembering of our Unified Whole. Returning to Flow.

Keeping this foundation in a heart-mind perspective, INN sees nondiscrimination as our anchor. Please feel Welcome to be yourself, in setting your appointment soon.

INN is excited to announce our incorporation of Earthing technology. For more information about Clint Ober, Earthing pioneer & the science/physics of reducing inflammation, see or